We offer COVID-19 services for health concerns such as traumatic stress, adjustment to life changes, depression, anxiety, anger, family conflict, and other emotional distress issues. Services are available via Telehealth or in person with all safety precautions in place.


If you or someone you know is experiencing a life or death crisis, please call 911 immediately.


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843 547 0200

Balanced Mind. Balanced Life.

Do you ever feel like your life is a tightrope? Let us help you find your balance. 

Individualized Mental Health Care

A mental health wellness plan prepared and delivered with the highest level of care just for you, and your specific needs. 

Our approach to mental and behavioral health care emphasizes a person-centered approach that considers the needs, preferences, and circumstances of each individual client. Our team of highly qualified and experienced counselors provides a personalized, collaborative, integrative method to counseling that emphasizes you. We focus on reaching and maintaining optimal mental health by treating symptoms of our clients, rather than the disorder. Diagnoses do not define individuals.

We offer bilingual counselors who are fluent in Spanish. We are unique in our ability to provide unparalleled care for you, your family, or any loved one that could benefit from our integrative approach. This cutting-edge, integrative, person-centered approach will help you find balance and be your best self in all aspects of your life

We are more than just counseling

It can be hard to find affordable, accessible counseling in our area. Persons with special circumstances or from marginalized communities face additional barriers, including a lack of services sensitive and respectful of their needs. We strive to ensure our services are both attuned to the needs of our communities and are as accessible as possible. As part of this initiative, we have bilingual therapists and interpreters if needed.
We also offer online therapy via Telehealth. This mode of therapy is perfect for those who do not have transportation or have other reasons they prefer virtual counseling sessions.

Individual Counseling

One on one counseling in an inviting, confidential setting with one of our highly skilled counselors

Substance Abuse

If you believe you or a loved one needs help with any substance abuse, our specialized substance abuse counselors can provide the help needed.

Family Counseling

We provide a family-focused service that will allow your entire family to participate in your wellness plan.


We offer various types of assessment to reveal cognitive strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, evaluate social-emotional concerns, and identify potential disorders.

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